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Absentee homeownership is something thousands in the valley deal with every season.  Many of our Phoenix-area residents are transplants whose second homes are here in the valley, but whose primary homes are in other parts of the country or another country entirely.

Did you know that many potential problems that could occur to your home while you are away may not be covered by your homeowner’s policy if it’s determined the home was unoccupied and unattended for more than 30 days?

Your neighbor or friend who is willing to stop by on occasion likely has the best of intentions.  However, when your investment is at stake, are they really going to take the time to notice and notify you of potential issues that should be addressed immediately?

PREMIER Property Watch has been working with residents in the valley since 2016.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured and we take great care and pride in looking over your home while you are away.

Most residents dial back their air conditioning, shut off their water heaters, and ask a neighbor to check in on their homes while they are gone.  With warmer temperatures in the home, plastics can shrink, gaskets in dishwashers and clothes washers can shrink and dry rot, and traps in sinks and toilets can dry out allowing gases and cockroaches to enter the home through the sewers.

On top of that, extreme summer temperatures can quickly put a strain on your landscaping when sprinkler systems malfunction.

Flyers stuck indoors or laying on front steps can let criminals know this home is unoccupied.

Leaving your home unoccupied for up to 6 months out of the year presents special challenges and concerns.  With more and more people moving to the valley and, considering the current state of the world, leaving your second home for the season raises serious concerns.

For those reasons, more and more seasonal residents, vacationers, and traveling professionals trust their homes to PREMIER Property Watch while they are away.

Our comprehensive program and walk-through of your property identify key problem areas and provides you with a detailed report alerting you to potential problems.  We provide photographs and descriptions of any concerning areas we find.  We also work with our homeowners to solve those concerns before they can become costly repairs.

Our concierge services can provide simple maintenance and work with our homeowners to source, and give access to, trusted contractors for more involved repairs and services.

We can also keep vehicles driven and full of gas, monitor vehicles on trickle chargers, collect mail, stock refrigerators for returning clients, and a host of other services.

The valley is a paradise that we all enjoy 3 seasons out of the year.  When the heat of summer hits the valley, many of us retreat to other climates.  It’s at that time that our homes here are the most vulnerable.

Give us a call today to discuss your home and to receive a free quote to care for your home in your absence and provide any other services that cater to your needs.


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