Happy Day-After-Tax Day

Tax day comes and tax day goes with nary a whimper from the citizenry. This is the way it works in the modern economy. Were it not for the anesthetic of regular withholding the situation might be a lot different. Think how bad things would be if each of us had to put aside sufficient funds to meet our tax liability each year. If you had to set aside 25% of your ready cash for the day, once a year when you had to write that big fat check to the government, then each pay day or each month when you went through the exercise you’d be reminded just how little you get for your money. The resentment would undoubtedly be much higher among the somewhat more than half of Americans who actually pay taxes toward the other half who generally receive more in government largesse than they pay in taxes. The resentment toward the government itself for its profligacy, waste and abuse would likely be higher, too. We’d have more limited government is our guess, but we could be wrong. Maybe a lot of people would gladly put aside 25% of their incomes Read more