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March 2021

Turn Your Home Green

by Joan Byrnes for Home and Garden, Real Estate

It’s time to give back to our planet. Whether you are looking to save money, become a naturalist or are anxious to have the cutting-edge technology, follow these simple tips and help make our world a better place.

Buy new light bulbs
When it’s time to buy light bulbs, opt for the premium fluorescents. They will shine a pure-white or buttery-golden light and can cut your electricity bill by 5%. These bulbs can range from $3 to $12.

Have a barbeque
Outdoor grilling doesn’t just result in a tasty burger – it’s also good for the air. Outdoor grills use less energy that your electric kitchen stove and also keep heat out of the house; therefore, lowering air conditioning costs. Choose a grill that uses propane or natural gas because they emit 5.6 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour whereas a charcoal grill emits 11 pounds!

Brew coffee with an energy-efficient coffee machine
The energy-efficient coffee machines brew coffee at the exact temperature recommended for coffee; therefore, it doesn’t waste any extra heat and you’ll never have burnt coffee again!

Buy a flat screen monitor
The old, bulky monitors not only take up space, but they also increase your electric bill. You’ll save money by switching to an LCD flat-panel model because a flat screen uses as little as a third of the electricity as the conventional tube-based models. You should also consider this when shopping for large-screen TVs – the savings are in the LCDs and rear-projection models because they use less than half the energy of plasma TVs.

Clean-up with recycled papers towels
Next time you’re in the paper good aisle, throw the recycled paper towels into your cart – they’re cheap and environmentally-friendly.

Become an expert recycler
Local recycling practices may vary, but there are a few universal rules that you can follow. First of all, shopping bags never go in your recycling bins. Look on the bottom of your plastic items for a number and only put the items with a one or two in your bin. Second, don’t put light bulbs, broken glass or bits of food into your bin – they slow up the process and make waste professionals feel like they’ve been tossed to the curb.

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Joan Byrnes, SRES
Realty One Group


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