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May 2020

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Inspect for These Potential Household Hazards

by Joan Byrnes for Home and Garden


If you’re buying a home that was constructed before 1978, consider some risks associated with lead. Lead can be found in paints, pipes, soils and dust. With this in mind, you may discover lead on windows and window sills, doors and door frames, stairs, banisters, porches and fences. If you notice peeling paint in an older home, contact a professional to make sure it’s lead-free. Removing paint yourself may pose an even greater risk to you and your family. Keep in mind that children are most susceptible to lead poisoning. Be certain that they stay away from contaminated areas. For more information on the risks involved with lead, consult the National Lead Information Center (NLIC).
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Build the Perfect Home Office

by Joan Byrnes for Home and Garden, Real Estate

A recent survey showed that more and more people are working remotely, according to the National Association of Realtors®. If you fall into this group, or are just looking to prepare your home for sale and want to make room for a home office, follow these tips:

Find the Right Spot

There’s a lot to consider when finding the right spot for your home office. Ideally, you want enough room for your desk, chair and at least one filing cabinet. You also want to be comfortable where you work, so a tight, cramped office won’t do. If possible, find a room with a closet to store supplies. Also, make sure to choose a location that is away from distractions. Avoid rooms near a TV or kitchen. Finally, remember to pick a room with enough electrical outlets and Internet access. When choosing the latter, go with wireless. The quick connection will save you time and frustration and you won’t have to worry about the extra cords.
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How not to kill your Citrus and Palms

by The Editor for Home and Garden

If you are like many of the residents at Sun Lakes, you’re not a native of Arizona and may not have a green thumb either. However, you probably have some Citrus and Palms on your property. I do and I probably should have cactus or plastic plants to care for. In the northeast, Mother Nature does a good job in taking care of much of the landscapes’ requirements. Arizona is very different and replacing trees is going to be expensive.

I thought I would share some of my lessons on how not to kill your Citrus and Palms.
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