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October 2020

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Helping Homeless Veterans can be painless

by The Editor for Features

Helping Homeless Veterans can be painless if you pay Arizona State taxes. In addition to the school credit that many take you may also take a tax credit up to $400 for a couple or $200 for a single by donating to the homeless or working poor. This amount comes straight off the top of your Arizona State taxes and can then be taken as a tax deduction on your federal taxes. You can contact me for a full explanation at 480-802-6810 or e-mail me at for the forms. This Tax credit is sponsored by the JWV Dept of the Southwest and all funds are used by the posts involved in helping the homeless regardless of religion or race. The post in Sun Lakes works with homeless veterans at Victory Place, Crossroads and other homeless veterans facilities in Phoenix. This tax credit must be finished and paid by the end of the year and not April 15.
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Sun Time News Blog

by The Editor for Features

The Sun Times New Blogis a new feature of the Sun Lakes of Arizona Website.   We are focused on producing a monthly publication with information focused on the interest of Sun Lakes residents and visitors.

We will provide news and information under the following categories:

  • Health
  • Home and Garden
  • Features
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants 
  • Travel  & Entertainment
  • Club News

If you are a Sun Lakes resident or local business person interested in contributing to this publication. Please email the Editor

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