Better Late Than Never

With so much to talk about and so little time, we are going to waste this week’s rant by talking about what we shouldn’t talk about. We really have nothing to add on either topic.

First, Occupy Wall Street – a bunch of old hippies, young hippies, unemployed art school graduates and dispossessed liberals decided to demonstrate against Wall Street greed. In the initial phases of this movement, a few of them got maced pretty heavily by New York’s finest for occupying the doorsteps of some of the big bank buildings downtown New York. That was a public relations nightmare for the city and the Bloomberg administration, so they stopped the macing and instead let them set up camp in a city park a little ways away. They let them march around and have their drum circles and the chants so long as they don’t interfere with other people’s right to get to work or go to a dentist appointment. Read more