Back To School

Season’s Greetings happy business new year! Now is the business new year, since by the time 2012 actually hits in four months, it will be too late to plan for it. The start to 2012 is now as far as business-types are concerned. Budgets must be created, revised and funded before the new year commences. Now is the time to do that. It is also the new year for the financial markets. 2011 is essentially over as nearly everyone’s focus now shifts to 2012. 2011 is barely half over when it comes to statistical analyses of the numbers, but 2012 will begin to dominate everyone’s thinking. Usually, there is a new year’s celebration of a great start to a better than ever year. However, this year is being greeted with severe caution. Usually, when this happens, the caution has proven unnecessary. Let’s all wish a new year’s wish that this is another time when caution is better saved for when we feel a lot better about the upcoming year. Read more