A buying stampede happens when a whole bunch of investors and speculators all decide at once that a market is moving and they have to get aboard, now. We saw something like that recently when despite a poor jobs report, no inflation pressure, Fed waffling on QE2 and other ambivalent news, the stock market started heating up. There are a lot of underinvested or un-invested people who decided this was what they were looking for, proof that the coast was clear to begin investing in this ongoing bull market. Sure stocks are up 70% from the bottom eighteen months ago, but there is a good argument why it should keep going up. The argument goes that the Fed will engineer what looks a lot like stockholder nirvana, lower rates, mild inflation, better growth, a lower dollar and yet not inhibit strong earnings (if you believe that, we’ve got some real estate we’d like to sell you just as soon as the tide goes out.) Read more