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Community Services & Organizations:

We provide free listings for 501(c)3 organizations that service Sun Lakes and other Community Organizations that are in the interest of Sun Lakes residents. Please complete your listing and allow several days for authorization.

Option 1 - Basic Directory Listing - (12 months for $100)

We offer an additional volumn discount of 25% for group advertisments of 10 or more listings.
Call 480-895-1900 for information.

Sample Basic Directory Listing

Local Gentry Barbershop

Mr. Steve Collins, Proprietor
9666 Riggs Rd
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 [map]

Phone: 480 227 6439 Fax:
Hours: Mon-Fri; 7am-3pm (Nov-Apr)
Hours: Mon-Fri; 7am-1pm (May-Oct)

Option 2 - Premium Directory Listing - plus two extra web pages (12 months for $150)

Sample Premium Directory Listing
Local Gentry Barbershop

Mr. Steve Collins, Proprietor
9666 Riggs Rd
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 [map]

Phone: 480-707-3976 Fax: 480-707-3976
Hours: Mon-Thu 7am-4pm; Fri 7am-7pm
Old time hair cuts for old timers
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  5. Click the Update button, the Business Ad Update Confirmation page will display your ad with any Premium Service images you may have uploaded.
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