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Sun Lakes Information - Management Contacts - Country Clubs and Associations

What HOA or Property Management organization do I contact for CC&Rs, or other property information such as: country clubs, homeowner associations, property information, restaurants, golf courses, etc ?

Sun Lakes is comprised of 5 separate country clubs - please direct your request for information about to the appropriate management group. See Map below if you are not sure which HOA (Home Owners Association) group you want.


Country Club Association Support Number
Oakwood (IronAoks) (HOA #3) (480) 895-7275
Ironwood (IronOaks) (HOA #3) (480) 895-3275
Palo Verde
(HOA #2) (480) 895-1834
Cottonwood (HOA #2) (480) 895-3550
Sun Lakes 1 (HOA #1) (480) 895-9270

Questions about the country clubs, restaurants, golf courses, etc ... will not be replied to.
For Association questions - call the the applicable HOA - Homeowner Association Support Phone number.)

How do I get Website Support?

For non HOA and non property managment questions related to this website and advertisment, you may message website support with the email form. or by US Mail at:

Sun Lakes of Arizona Community Website
P.O. Box 24
Bedford, MA 01730

How do I place an advertisment?

Resident, Real Estate, and Community Organization ads are free. Comercial business adveritisments have a fee.

Why is there a Sun Lakes of Arizona Community Website?

It was needed. Sun Lakes is a big community with three homeowner associations representing the five country clubs (Sun Lakes, Cottonwood, Palo Verde, IronWood, and Oakwood) and its members. A central Website provides current and easy access to common interests and information.

Sun Lakes of Arizona provides residents, businesses, and prospective buyers an online community for the exchange of information and the marketing of goods and services.

Prospective buyers from near and far have a convenient site to search and explore property and the community. A Real Estate Directory, Open House Notices, and maps to the properties make this a one stop source.

How do I post a FREE Classified Advertisement?

On the menu, mouse over the Classifieds drop down menu. Choose the Add/Change/Delete menu option. If you are not already signed in, a Sign in screen will prompt you for your email address and password. New members will need to create an account first. Once you have created your account and are signed in, an Authorized Account Holder Menu appears and you may then place new advertisements or change the ones you have already posted.

To place a new advertisement, select the type of ad (For Sale, Wanted, Free, Notice), and then the category (from Arts & Crafts to Tools), complete the form and click update to submit your ad. Your ad will run for one month. You may edit your ad(s), cancel your ad(s), change your mind and turn it back on, and you may extend the display time on your advertisement without re-entering it.

Since this is a FREE service for Sun Lakes residents, your account registration information will be validated before the account is activated. This helps to keep the postings limited to use by Sun Lakes residents.

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